Fairholme Range

It was a mild day as I walked on melting ice of the Bow River. With each step I was leaving a clear deep boot print in the ice, always making sure to stay on the side of the river, where there was no running water underneath the ice. Carefully looking to the sides and to the front of me to see where I needed to stop to take the pictures. I often go by feel, what looks good to me, what is worth stopping for to take a picture or pictures. Once my mind has decided its worth stoping, then its time to look through my camera to decide what to include and not include to make the most of the opportunity. Deciding how much fore ground to include, how much sky to include, should I include the tree or trees to the left, should I get low to the ice or stand tall, etc, etc, etc. If time is on my side I'll take several pictures by varying the variables, deciding at home which combination of variables gives me the best image of a particular shoot. In this case it was the variables of the last picture I took that day.

Until next moment,