Red-naped Sapsucker

Last year in July I was at the same meadow among the same aspen trees. I was taking pictures of the flowers when I heard sounds  from one of the tree. I was able to locate the aspen tree that had number of bird created holes, and the sounds I assumed was of chicks, coming from the top hole. I was not able to identify what bird chicks were in the nest, the mosquitoes had made it difficult for me to stick around to see the parents return with food.

This year at the same place, hearing the same sound coming from the same nest, made me more determined to wait. The mosquitoes were not going to drive me off. I was quickly rewarded, the nest belonged to a pair of Red-naped Sapsuckers. A medium sized woodpecker, first time I had come across them and was happy get few good pictures. Spent 30 to 40 minutes watching them bring back food for their chicks. Another one of my nature's mystery solved.

Until next moment,