Moon over Massive Range

Next Saturday evening I will giving a slideshow presentation of some of the pictures I took in 2015. Each year is always little different,  from  what is out there and what I come across, and 2015 was no exception. The weather played a role, as did the wildfires and lack of food for the bears affected where they went to find food and in turn how many I came across. But as long as you can get out, there will always be something to see and to take pictures of. I'll be sharing pictures and the stores to go along with them. Here is the information if you are able to make it out: 

Photo Moments of 2015 
Cave and Basin NHS 
Saturday Feb. 6
7 pm to 9pm 

Senior $3.40 
Adult $3.90 
Youth $1.90 

Until next moment, 


Moon over Massive Range