93 South

I'm an early riser and even if I was not, I would be with all the beautiful things nature has shown me before most other two legged mammals wake up and get ready for a new day. Long time ago I made an important decision, not just get up early on my days off to go for a hike or take pictures of a sunrise. But to do it everyday so my mind and body gets used to it. I'm so used to it now, even if I try sleeping in, it's hard getting back to sleep with the mind wondering what I might be missing. Weeks before the wildfires started in Kootenay NP, I was heading in to do an early hike to locate birds. I was welcomed into the park from Banff with a beautiful sunrise, I made a quick stop side of the empty road and took few pictures before making my way to the trail head.

93 South 180817f Amar Athwal.jpg