Red-tailed Hawk

Being an early riser, there always seem lot of time and no need to hurry. And if I try to sleep in, my body forgets how to rest and I end up getting out of bed with body aches. For that reason, no matter the day, up and at it early every morning. Then getting out of the house, I’ll take the slowest route to where ever I’m heading. Checking the sky, are there any clouds, is the moon still out, just to see for any landscape photography possibilities. If the answer is no, then time to look for wildlife, which include birds and mammals. On my days off when looking for photo opportunities, walking even a small distance can take a long time. For every bird sound I’ll stop, try to locate where the sound is coming from and what is making it. And if I think there will be a photo opportunity, I could be in the same place for a while. Always have to remind myself to also look up, never know who’s perched on the trees.  That’s how I was able to see this Red-tailed Hawk one morning. It did not fly away when it saw me, I got the camera out and took few pictures. It then took to air and landed on an another nearby tree to give me even a better picture. That morning a rarity with Red-tailed hawks in Banff, when I got my pictures the bird was still perched as I walked away. Hopeful it will pass on the message to other hawks, I mean no harm.

Red-tailed Hawk 191011 Amar Athwal.jpeg