Cascade Mountain

Each winter is different, it plays a role where, when and if I’ll get a certain picture. We received early snow in September and October, then there was a long pause before the next snow storm. It was slowly getting colder and my thought was there would be plenty of places to skate and for me places to take pictures on frozen lakes and rivers. But nature is never that easy to predict, the places I was hoping to take pictures at froze later than I hoped and were soon covered by snow. But for this location there was still an opportunity, I just had to wait. The winds coming around this bend of the river are strong, it was just a matter of time, as long as no large amount of snow fell. On my hikes I would check the area, on a recent visit I came across the methane ice bubbles I was waiting for. Much of the snow had blown off by the wind, except for few patches and the cross country ski tracks. For me it was enough for a picture, bubbles starting the pictures and the tracks taking the viewer’s eyes into the picture toward Cascade Mtn surrounded by clouds on a windy day.

Cascade Mtn 190208 Amar Athwal.jpg