Brow Creeper

With nature photography, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen. You may plan to go out to take pictures of one thing, but you may come back with pictures of something else or nothing at all. I was trying to locate Three-toed Woodpecker to take pictures of. I went for a small hike near the town of Banff where they are spotted among the old trees. Over the several visits I got to see and take pictures of many other things before getting a picture of a Three-toed Woodpecker, including my best pictures of Brown Creepers. A beautiful small bird, found among mature trees in a forest. It looks brown from a distance, but as you can see it has few other subtle colours on its back, which helps it to blend in with the bark of the tree. Making it harder for a predator to spot. It will go from tree to tree, creeping up looking for insects to eat. The problem always has been for me to get enough light to get a clear picture of it, I got that and a pleasing background.

Brown Creeper 190305 10-Edit.jpg