Bald Eagle and a Red-winged Blackbird

Still my favourite part of nature is when I get a nice surprise, the more I get out there the more surprises I encounter. I had gone for a drive after dinner, it was a quiet evening, but always good to be out. On my way back, I decided to check out the nearby lakes. On top of a dead spruce tree was an adult Bald Eagle perched. I parked my car to the side, rolled down the window and got a few pictures. Looked at the images, made a small adjustment to the setting and started taking more pictures of the eagle. To my amazement a male Red-winged Blackbird came into the frame, trying it best to harass the much larger eagle away. An adult Bald Eagle can have a wingspan of 2.3 meters and weigh up to 6.3 kg, while blackbird can a have a wingspan of 40 cm and weight up to 77 grams. The blackbird did its best to move off the eagle, the eagle just looked at the bird and stayed perched. I was all excited getting both birds in the plane of focus and could see in the image eagle’s eyes looking at the blackbird. The Red-winged Blackbird had no luck moving the eagle, but I did, getting to see and to get pictures of the small interaction between the two species.

Bald Eagle and Red-winged Blackbird 190823 Amar Athwal.jpg