Ottertail Range

Anyone who hikes in the mountains is fully aware of switchbacks and to get to Burgess Pass in Yoho NP, 52 switchbacks needed to be covered over 7.5km.  That was the route from near the Trans-Canada Highway. There was an easier way to get there, but not as fun. The goal was to get to the pass and then hop over to Yoho Pass.  The weather for that morning was the clouds would be moving out and the blue sky moving in. But, the weather forecast in the mountains does not always goes as planned. The rain kept company most of the hike to the pass, with a few small breaks. It was light rain, so the waterproof jacket stayed in the pack. Only breaks along the way to the pass was to take pictures when the light would peak through. One such moment was the view of the Ottertail Range, partially covered with clouds and lit up by the morning light. In the valley below the freight train was heading east, leaving Fields B.C. Its views like this why hiking is a great.

Ottertail Range 190906 Amar Athwal.jpg