Ice Bubbles

I can honestly say I have never gotten tired of nature photography, with so much to choose from, there is always something to take pictures of and each season brings different opportunities. But I also want to keep growing as a photographer. So over the winter I started to look for the smaller pictures I was passing by. It’s hard at first, but it has and will get easier trying to find a picture with just some rocks and ice and snow, or instead of the whole forest from a distance, getting close and having only just few trees in the picture, or a single one from a distance. 

A couple of days before warm weather arrived I was on a small patch of open ice on the Bow River. The section was roughly 3 meters by 6, the ice was full of cracks with various shapes of ice bubbles.  Again, where ever below the water organic material is breaking down, there is a good chance methane gas is bubbling up and during winter getting trapped. It was very relaxing hour spend looking down at the ice and coming up with what I thought would make a good abstract image. Knowing the ice was solid, I was relaxed and spent a good hour getting different compositions, attached is my favorite. Art by nature, photo my moi.

Ice Bubbles 190322 Amar Athwal.jpg

Bow River

It was fun getting this picture. The sun was setting and the light and the colours were moving fast in the sky. The Bow River was getting close to freezing over, enough to walk on, but not to cross over. Walking with my ice cleats, slowly moving to find the spot where I was going to set my tripod. Once I noticed the ice bubbles, I decided they were going to be in the foreground of the image. But they were one third of the way into the river. Watching the light and checking the condition of the ice with each step, I made my way to the ice bubbles, got on my knees to get the bubbles in the frame and then quickly got the picture before the colours left the sky. 

Bow River 180119f Amar Athwal.jpg

Ice Bubbles

Before the snow was back last week, it was fun coming across ice bubbles wherever there was solid clear ice. Here's one picture taken mid-morning, the small bubbles look like then bubbles one comes across in glass of champagne.

Ice Bubbles 171226 Amar Athwal.jpg

Cascade Mountain

Many parts of the Bow Valley open water has been covered with ice and due to lack of snow, I have been busy looking for ice bubbles to take pictures of. Checking to make sure the ice was safe enough to stand on and to walk on. Any where organic matter was decomposing releasing methane gas, bubbles were to be found. I found many places, but only few gave me the pictures I wanted. 

Cascade Mtn 171218f Amar Athwal.jpg