In 2017 bisons will roam in Banff National Park once again, but in the Banff Field Unit they already do, less then two hour drive from the eastern boundary of Banff NP is Rocky Mountain House NHS. A great site to learn about the Canada indigenous people, David Thompson, the fur trade and lot more about Canada's history. As well they have 13 bisons on site and one evening I was busy trying to get few pictures of them as the sun was setting. After few tries I was able to get a good picture of the leader of the small herd. There is so much to take in at the Rocky Mountain House NHS, one just have to stay awhile.


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Elk Island National Park

I got to spend some time at Elk Island National Park this past week, it's a 194 square km nature wonder with rich cultural history. The northern prairies plateau ecosystem it repersents was covered with deep blanket of snow. Learned about the role national park played with bison conservation and as well important role with other wildlife spieces. The area also has human history that goes back 4500 years, from the First Nations to present. Was lucky enough to get few pictures of birds that I spotted, it's a home and migratory stopover to 250 species. Oh yes, also got few images of Plains and Wood Bison, what beautiful animals.