Mount Athabasca and Hilda Peak

I headed to 93 North in the morning, with the plans to do some exploring on snowshoes. The temperature was minus 17 in the Town of Banff, when I reached Lake Louise it was minus 23, by Hector Lake pull-off it was minus 16  and  by Bow Lake it was down to minus 24. The temperature was too cold for slow walking and exploring, so I decided to go for a drive toward the Columbia Icefield, with the hopes of exploring on my way back with warmer temperatures. It was a beautiful drive, lots of snow on the mountains and the sun shining. I got into black and white landscape mode, stopping and taking pictures from several locations. This one was my favourite from that morning.

Mount Athabasca and Hilda Peak 180302f Amar Athwal.jpg

Half Moon

Sometime it just small thing that makes or breaks an image or just makes it that much more interesting. I saw the two peaks front of me with fresh snow, looking very winterish. But was not plaining to take a picture until the clouds created a space to unveil  the half-moon. Then quickly grabbed the camera, composed and took the attached image.

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