Northern Saw-whet Owl

As I was walking on the trail I could hear ahead of me the calls of an American Robin and Golden-crowned Kinglet. Within seconds the calls turned into warning calls, simple translation, “predator, predator, etc…” I slowed down and tried to pinpoint where the stress calls were coming from, was there a predator nearby I thought. I saw the robin and looked in the direction it was looking at. It was a Northern Saw-whet Owl.

Northern saw-whet Owl 190426 Amar Athwal.jpg

Northern Saw-whet Owl

Many, many weeks ago, at a place not too far away, I got to test my Jedi mind trick I had learned while watching Star Wars movies. I was waiting near a hole in a tree where Northern Saw-whet Owl was residing, a nocturnal bird that had kept me waiting many hours for its appearance. Just before all hope was lost, a red squirrel made an appearance bottom of the tree. Using my Jedi mind trick powers, I got it to climb up the tree toward the nest, it not only went up but to my surprise the squirrel and the owl starred at each other for few seconds, when the owl made an appearance. Not enough time for me to back up and get the whole squirrel in the  image and to compensate for the bright light on the right.  I blame the dark force.

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