Spotted Sandpiper

I get lots of bird pictures each year, particularly during the bird season. Because I get so many chances, I tend to have higher standards for what I consider a good bird picture. After taking pictures of birds for several years, I'm always thinking about the pictures I do have and try to get a picture of the same quality or better. In the case of this Spotted Sandpiper, I have a handful of very good pictures of them, but not one of them on a branch. In this case I ended up one afternoon middle of several families of Spotted Sandpipers, they were not happy with me being there. With camera in hand, I was making my way through the area, I just had to stop for a few seconds to get this picture. I took one step back to get the branches to the right into the frame, for me it made the picture that much better.  A second after the bird was off the branch, I moved on and the birds were calm again.

Spotted Sandpiper 180824 Amar Athwal.jpg

Spotted Sandpiper

I was walking in a open man made meadow like area middle of the Bow Valley. Middle of the day, sun was beating down as I took close up pictures of the flowers. Once done I decided to explore nearby slow running stream, when  I heard the sound of an adult Spotted Sandpiper. It was staying in one spot as it called out. I realised nearby were or was a juvenile. Soon enough I spotted two of them. I quickly grabbed the pictures of the adult and few of one of the young. Then I continued exploring as I slowly headed toward my car with the day getting hotter.

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