Herbert Lake

I knew the sunset was going to take place that was worth waiting for. But would the water calm down enough to get a nice reflection. For few minutes it did just as the light was at its best. After taking handful of pictures, the wind picked up in speed and the small lake was covered with ripples.

Herbert Lake 190922 Amar Athwal.jpg

Storm Mountain

The goal was to get out for a couple of hours, to look for a spot where I could take pictures of a mountain, bathing in the warm light at the end of the day. Started my walk, saw a couple visiting Banff NP, said hello and kept walking. They started walking behind me, I hoped they would stop because they were not dressed to go where I would end up. Few hundred meters later they stopped, I kept going for a km until I found a spot to take pictures. Walking along a river with snow, ice and open and hidden water can be tricky. I did not want others to take the risk by following me. I still had an hour before I would start to take pictures. Looked around to become familiar with the area I had not visited for two winters. The light I was waiting for arrived, started taking pictures with the river front of me and the mountain in the distance. As the photography session was coming to an end, I looked back.More clouds had gathered and there was a good chance they were going to light up when the sunlight got under them. Walked hundred meters and found some open water in the foreground and the rocks I thought would add to the image. About 15 minutes later I was looking at a beautiful sunset, kept taking pictures until the light was gone. I had just enough warmth in the hands to pack up and start walking back to the vehicle. Once I started walking the hands warmed up and I was energized,  got two opportunities to take pictures in one evening.

Storm Mtn 190201 Amar Athwal.jpg

Bow River

It was fun getting this picture. The sun was setting and the light and the colours were moving fast in the sky. The Bow River was getting close to freezing over, enough to walk on, but not to cross over. Walking with my ice cleats, slowly moving to find the spot where I was going to set my tripod. Once I noticed the ice bubbles, I decided they were going to be in the foreground of the image. But they were one third of the way into the river. Watching the light and checking the condition of the ice with each step, I made my way to the ice bubbles, got on my knees to get the bubbles in the frame and then quickly got the picture before the colours left the sky. 

Bow River 180119f Amar Athwal.jpg