Morning of Sunshine

After spending the early morning taking pictures of 93 North in Banff National Park, I then found an area for place to take pictures of fall colours. It was a cool morning, temperature as low as minus three, leaves were falling off the trees under the sunlight. The warm light was also melting away the heavy frost that covered all that was around me. 

Temperature was starting to go up as I walked around small wetland created by Rampart Creek, quickly two coyotes ran by. Not able to get a clear picture, as they were on a quick move. Decided to post this out of focus picture, which seems to give a better sense the speed they were moving with.

Soon my eyes turned toward the birds that were coming into the area. Few Yellow rumped Warblers,  two White throated Sparrows and also sighted a Northern Harrier.

It was a fun morning, after resting and having a snack, took more pictures of the fall colours and made my way home.

until next moment,