Animals in the Park

The more time you spend away from home, the more you see of the wildlife in the mountains. Three different animals pictures, taken at three different areas. As I was making my way home, came across the Grizzly crossing the road. I was able to take few images before it crossed the road and went into the forest, where it took its time moving.

Same day, while I was doing a short hike, I spotted a American Marten on a tree. It went up higher when it spotted me. I stepped back and took out my camera and took several images as it came down one tree and went up another, before getting back to the ground and walking away.

For the last animal, Coyote, it was spotted near the town of Banff. Searching and digging for something when I came across it. I garbed few images before leaving it to go about its business.

Until next moment,