Castle Mountain

It was around minus 19 in the morning, having our first cold spell, planned to hike to Copper and then Smith Lake. For whatever reason, I was not feeling the cold, maybe it was the warm bowl of oatmeal I had that morning. Had a nice easy walk to Copper Lake, a waterfowl spotted me and started to move to the other side of the lake through the mist. I walked around to the other side, along the way greeted by two Varied Thrushes and a Red Squirrel. There were low clouds in the valley, was not sure if I was going to see Castle Mtn. But you have to get out and be there and be ready for what might happen.  After waiting next to the outer part of the lake, which was frozen, clouds opened up and I snapped away for about 15 minutes. After saying my farewell to the birds and the squirrel, I was off to Smith Lake for more fun.

Until next moment,