Pine Marten

As part of the Snowdays winter festival taking place in Banff National Park, I'll be representing Parks Canada and showing a slide show of 100 of my favourite pictures from 2011 on Wednesday, February the 8th. Sharing personal stories and as well photography tips, all taking place in the Harkin Hall at the Administration Building in Banff. If you're in the Bow Valley and are free from 7 to 8:30 PM, please join me. An opportunity for me to share some of the endless moments our national parks hold. 

One of those moments was coming across the pine marten, often see their tracks, so it was great to see one and a chance to take pictures of it. They weigh 1 to 3 pounds, have that cute as button look, as long as you give them their space, otherwise they will show you their sharp teeth  and give you a growl. They are opportunistic predators, trait comes in handy in summer, when along with their prey, fruits and other vegetation is part of their diet.  Great tree climbers,which is not appreciated by squirrels and birds. Just few weeks ago watched about 15 magpies harass a lone pine marten, until it left their neighbourhood.

Until next moment,