Mount Rundle

Back in September I looked out before the sunrise and saw what was coming, a bright sunrise. Grabbed what I needed and headed out. Found a location next to the river, the water was calm, I was ready and waited for the sunrise. For several minutes it kept getting brighter and brighter and I kept busy taking pictures. Once done, it was time to go to work.

Mount Rundle 191014 Amar Athwal.jpeg

Cascade Mountain

In the morning we did not get bright sunrise, too many clouds in the sky put a stop to that. But not long after the warm light started to come through. The snow from yesterday and the light snow from last night added to the winter feel of the morning. And even with cold nights there were some fall colours to remind us we are middle of the fall season. All added to the beautiful morning.

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Bow Lake

It did not look like there was going to be a bright sunrise, but as I was getting closer to Bow Lake, I could see the colours through my rear view mirror. I decided to pull into the lake’s parking lot and quickly made my way to the shore. It was November, I was able to find some open water, then started taking pictures.

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Mount Rundle

Many who see me regularly, will see a pack on my back, does not matter if I'm working or on my days off. Does not matter if it's a cold day middle of the winter or the warm day in the summer, there's a pack on my back. Does not matter if it's raining or minus 30, snowing and wind howling, there's a pack on my back. It does not snow contain my lunch or full of chocolates. It's easier to get around without a pack, it's an easier hike with less weight on my back. But not wanting to miss an opportunity when a moment comes and I need the camera. Few weeks back giving myself lot of time  to get to work, with the camera in the pack, I was able to stop and enjoy the sunrise and take pictures.

Mount Rundle 181116 Amar Athwal.jpg

Mount Rundle

Sunrises are about scattering light. During sunrises and sunsets, sun is low on the horizon, sunlight has to travel through more of the atmosphere. Colours like blues and violets with shorter wavelength get scattered out by small particles, droplets and molecules in the atmosphere. But letting in longer wavelength colours like yellow, orange and red. The clouds catch the longer wavelength colours and reflect them to the ground.

Mount Rundle

Mount Rundle

We have been seing beautiful sunrises the last number of weeks along Vermilion Lakes, this was one of them. I always look for a different place to take the picture from, not always possible. But this time it worked out. Sunrises are little more special when there is a reflection in the water.

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Mount Rundle