Light Over Castle

I was 5 to 10 minutes east of Castle Junction, taking pictures facing Sawback Range but at the same time keeping my eyes on Castle Mountain. There was nice light on Castle, I had about an hour before sunset, more then enough time to get closer to Castle Mtn to take pictures. When I got to the bridge at the Castle Junction, the direct light had left Castle Mtn because of the heavy clouds moving in from the west.

 Hoping some light would come through, decided to park my car and walk down to the side of Bow next to the bridge. On the west of the bridge, there was a couple being entertained by their dog, I headed east along the river. Kept walking and looking back at Castle Mtn, the light was not going to come through. After walking for several hundred meters, decided to take some pictures with the sky and the clouds still getting the evening light.

Not upset about missing the light on the mountain, everything is relative. As I was walking back toward my car, saw a dipper working away along the Bow River. It was not concerned where the light was, just looking for enough food to survive another cold night that was headed our way.

Until next moment,