Sunrise and Melting Ice

Some 14 years ago I got my first camera, original owners were my parents. I purchased few lens to create a system and off I went. I would chase the sunrises and the sunsets by riding my mountain bike to the Vermilion Lakes Road, Sundance Trail, Vermilion Lakes Road and more Vermilion Lakes Road. Vermilion Lakes were not far away form home, and easy to get to. As well I was not too far away from a warm home when I was taking pictures in November or December, stopping only when the snow arrived.

 Got to know the area well over all these years. Even today when I have more options and using a DSLR, I find myself at the lakes. Last year I got into bird photography, and the lakes are great for that as well. This winter was the first time I did not stop taking the pictures when cold and the snow arrived, and again the lakes were great hosts. This last week I had visited the lakes several times, including few mornings. It still shows me views I have not seen or captured before.

Until next moment,