Geese in the Mist

Few weeks back I was out waiting for the sunrise to take place. There were number of water holes forming as the warm weather was pushing its way into the Bow Valley. The geese were making the water opening their home, and the one I was standing next to was no different. The geese went about their business as low clouds went through the valley, no concern about me standing near their home. For the pair of mallards in the same water it was different story, they were on the far end of the opening, we were gone stay strangers. 


Up came the sun and the camera and I went to work until the sun started to hit the valley bottom. The light was now on the willow shrubs next to me, changed my lens and started to take pictures of catkins. Just as I was ready to go home, one of the goose made a noise, looked toward them and saw another picture opportunity. The sunlight was hitting the water, seeing only the outline of the geese as mist rose off the water. Changed lens again and was able to capture the attached picture.

Until next moment,