As people were celebrating on New Year eve, not far a different event was taking place, between predators and a prey. A natural occurrence that takes place on a daily basis in mountains.  Just outside the town of Banff, wolves brought down a large bull elk, a magnificent 7 point elk. There is a good chance it may have been one of the winners during the last run season, in that case it will live on through its offsprings this coming spring. I came across it the following day, as the body was being moved away from the trail for the safety of the wildlife and visitors hiking or skiing in the area. Even though the Elk lost his life when he was in his prime, as often happens with bulls. Many other animals benefitted, as they ate well to survive the cold snap we were going through. One of the animals was the one eyed Coyote I saw as I was returning home on the same trail. It was some twenty meters away from me with shrubs between us. As I was walking away, I snapped few pictures before leaving it to feast. I only noticed the missing left eye when I looked at the picture on the computer. It deserved a special meal on New Year Day, life is hard in the wilderness, even more so in winter.

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