Crowfoot Glacier

Winter is not complete without a few pictures of the Crowfoot Glacier, this year even in April the nights are like winter. My favourite season is winter. Now, no one gets upset at me. The bonus winter we're getting into the mountains is out of my control, all I can do is enjoy it. Even with lots of snow remaining in the valley, I have been out hiking as if it's spring like conditions. It was a few weeks back, I last got to see the Crowfoot Glacier, I was the only one out there as the sunlight started making contact with the mountain. I zoomed in with my camera, looking at the composition that would give me the best picture. There's something about the rock, snow and ice, it has a calm, peaceful effect, the way they work together to form nature's art. 

Crowfoot Glacier 180406f Amar Athwal.jpg