Pine Grosbeak

I was walking on a trail when I heard a call of a bird. The week before I heard the same call, it was that of a Blue Jay. I stood and listened to see which direction it was coming from, and at the same time taking my camera out from the backpack.  The calls were coming from some 80 meters ahead, above the trees.  I made my way in that direction and started to locate the Blue Jay. There were number of Magpies in the area, which made sure their voice was heard as well. Soon spotted the Blue Jay, its calls were now drowned by the Magpies. The Blue Jay quickly moved on but not after I was able to get few images. I snapped few pictures of the magpies as well to keep them happy. After walking some more, I was hearing the calls of other Magpies, and sounds from the stream I was next to. Hidden among the sounds were calls of smaller birds. I stopped again and listened, the calls were competing for my ears with all the other sounds of nature and it was not even spring yet. After a minute or so I realized I was hearing Pine Grosbeaks, but locating them was another matter.  A lady and a man were making their way toward me on the trail as I kept looking for the grosbeaks. The sounds of the water and the Magpies were making it difficult.

Just as the couple got few steps from me, one of the grosbeak came out in the open and flew across the trail and landed on a dead branch. Perfect setting with clear sight of the bird, I quickly had my camera pointing at the bird and the couple stopped in their tracks. I snapped away several images before stopping to let the folks walk through. The bird soon flew away, but left questions marks on the faces of the couple. I thanked them for stopping and then explained about the Pine Grosbeak, as we together looked at the images I had taken, including the one with this email.

Until next moment,