Tundra Swans

Took 964 pictures in just under 3 hours of 11 species of birds while I was walking along Bow River. Why so many pictures? Let me explain using the attached picture. After taking lot of pictures of several birds I came across two Tundra Swans, seen them three days in a row on the same part of the Bow. Closes I could get to them was about 70 meters, and even with lot of water between us they still would move away. 


I taking pictures of the pair of Common Mergansers, that kept close to where I was standing. I looked over at the pair of swans that were about 100 meters from me that day. Took some pictures and waited to see what they were up to. Slowly they started to come in my direction, closer they got more pictures I took. Just when I thought they would stop they got closer, stopped about 50 meters from me, standing on a shallow area in the river grooming themselves.


I had my camera set up to take 6 frames per second under the right conditions. From the time I decided to press the button to take a picture, birds can move their head, close their eyes and the smaller birds can even be on a another branch. To increase my chance of getting a keeper, I'll take pictures of birds in bursts of six. Out of the six pictures taken in a second, there is a better chance that one picture is of the bird when its still, all or most of it is in focus, eye or eyes visible (light in their eyes, even better), etc... 

 For the 964 pictures, the cost is no longer buying the slide film and paying to get it developed or waiting for it to get developed, its the time spent going through them on your computer. It was fun looking at 964 pictures, keeping 295 (may decrease ) and out of 295 using 14 to remember the morning walk. While deciding what to keep, I see birds in ways I can't with my naked eyes, increasing my understanding increasing my appreciation.

 Back to the swans, I got them framed taking pictures every know and then. They are back to back grooming them self,and the swan facing away from me beats its wings for about 4 seconds. I get 18 pictures of this action, from those 18 pictures I pick out the one that stands out, to share the moment. 

Until next moment,